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In-School Programs for Pre-K through Grade 12

Kindergarten through High School In-School Programs:

o BIRDS OF PREY—K-12 (indoors) Your students will thrill to this up-close experience with living raptors! Utilizing live birds of prey and hands-on discoveries, students will explore the natural history of Pennsylvania’s raptors, the similarities and differences among species, the importance of habitat and habitat conservation, and direct and indirect human impacts on these fascinating creatures. Avian ambassadors such as the red-shouldered hawk will be "on hand" to assist. 1 hour


o OWL PELLET EXPLORATION— K-12 (indoors) Discover the relationship between owls and their habitats and food webs by dissecting, and analyzing owl pellets. This can be done as a combo with the BIRDS OF PREY, or OWLS OF PENNSYLVANIA program, or as a stand-alone program. 1 hour 


o WONDER OF BIRDS – K-6  (indoors) What is a bird? What makes feathers so cool? How do birds fly? How do you build a nest with a beak? Learn the answers to these questions and more as your naturalist guide leads you on an adventure into the world of bird basics. Discover the unique adaptations that separate birds from other animals by investigating bones, beaks, feet, wings and feathers. And your class will meet one of our live doves. 1 hour.  May be paired with SCHOOLGROUND SAFARI.


o BIRD IDENTIFIER—K-12 (indoors) Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing activities in North America today, and it is a great way to connect your students to the natural world while developing skills important to the scientific process: observing, collecting data, asking questions.  In this engaging 1 hour classroom program, we show students how to use eyes and ears to pick up clues to a bird’s identity, and how to navigate a field guide, and record what they see.  We can also help you get your class started with one of the avian Citizen Science projects, such as eBird or Project Feederwatch.


Want to take it outside of the classroom? Add a naturalist-led bird walk around your schoolground to practice your identification skills. Binoculars provided.


o SCHOOLGROUND SAFARI—K-6 (outdoors) What natural treasures are hidden around your schoolground? This naturalist-led outing can be tailored to a particular theme (such as birds, insects, or plants) to suit your needs.


o WONDER OF INSECTS—K-6 (indoors) Head, thorax, abdomen! Explore the fascinating world of our 6 legged friends, and their relatives.  Learn about predators and prey, and decomposers, too!



Imagine if everything you owned was built by hand from materials you scavenged yourself. Students will learn how the early colonists split boards, made soap, made candles, planted their fields, built cabins, made iron, cooked their food, and made fires. This is a great program for social studies teachers who wish to get personal with the past. 2 hours.


o GEOLOGY (6-12)

Students will learn about the rock cycle and put their ID skills to the test. We will learn about the geologic history of PA and what our great state looked like in the past. Students will examine various rocks and learn how mankind has utilized them over time. From flint projectile points to fossil fuels; the raw materials of progress are dependent upon geology! 2 hours.


PreSchool In-School Programs:

o BIRDS OF PREY— (indoors) Your little ones will love meeting a real-live raptor. Through stories and hands-on discovery, they will learn all about how hawks and owls survive, and that they may live closer to home than they ever realized. Up to 1 hour.


o WONDER OF BIRDS – (indoors) What makes a bird a bird?  What makes feathers so cool? How do birds fly? How do you build a nest with a beak? Learn the answers to these questions and more as we investigate bones, beaks, feet, wings and feathers. Up to 1 hour.


o FURRY FRIENDS—(indoors) You’re a mammal, I’m a mammal…what’s a mammal? We’ll learn all about our local fuzzy friends through stories, activities and hands-on discovery of pelts, paws, and bones.   Up to 1 hour


o WIGGLING WORMS—(indoors) Do worms have a head? How about a tail? Why do they live underground? What do they feel like? We’ll bring our worms to your little ones, so that they can dig and explore with our wriggly friends. Along the way, we’ll use careful observation, measuring, and our best pre-k questioning skills to learn even more.  Seasonal, fall and spring

only. Up to 1 hour.


o  SCHOOLGROUND SAFARI—(outdoors)  Discover nature in the world right outside your pre-school or daycare. We can create a naturalist-led walk that is tied to one of the themes above, or a simple seasonal discovery. Up to 1 hour.

Scheduling a Program:

Reservations for the school year begin August 1. Call (412) 963-6100 to schedule your program.

All reservations must be made at least 4 weeks in advance.

Program Fee Schedule:


First program, each day*

Subsequent programs, same day

Travel Fee
(per day)

Birds of Prey/Owl Pellet Lab




Standard Program




Special Topic

Call for pricing

Example: You book a Birds of Prey and an Owl Pellet lab for two classrooms in one day. Your fee would be $150 for the first Raptor program, plus 3 times $75 for the subsequent programs on the same day, plus $50 travel fee, for a total of $150 + $75 + $75 + $75 + $50 = $425.

Matching grants available! Contact us for information.

* All programs are for classroom size of 26 students or less. Assembly-style programs are not available.