Foraging Your Back Yard-Using Native Plants -- Backyard Nature Series (Buffalo Creek)

Category: Adults
8/28/21 2:00 pm - 8/28/21 4:00 pm

Did you know that the native plants growing in your own back yard have had important uses for centuries? Ever wonder why native plants like Snakeroot, Joe Pye weed, or Indian Hemp got their names? Want to learn more about foraging? This program will teach you how to use native plants for food, medicine, teas, as well as the cultural uses past and present. We will cover food, clothing, tools and medicine as well as a few surprises. Registration is required for this free program.

Audubon’s Backyard Nature Series is a group of monthly nature programs. These programs combine natural history, ecology, and citizen science to use in your own backyard! Each month is a new seasonal topic; from fireflies and monarchs, to pollinators and flowers. Take home a wealth of information on making your yard a haven for birds and nature, while being an active participant in science.

Location: Buffalo Creek Nature Park



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