Bird Drawing or Painting Two Day Workshop (BFNR)

Category: Adults
4/25/20 10:30 am - 4/25/20 3:00 pm

Work with basic shapes using value, line, texture and more. Demonstrations of eyes, beaks, feet, and feathers will be done to help explain the process from start to finish. We’ll use graphite for first week of the class. The second week project can be graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, or any other medium of choice. References will be available or bring three clear references then select one for your project.  $150 per member; $200 per nonmember. 30 minute lunch break each day.

SUPPLIES:               DRAWING

                                    Sketch Tablet, nothing smaller than 11 x 14

                                    Set of drawing pencils (no charcoal)

                                    White drafting and kneaded eraser

                                    Tracing paper (transparent, good quality, canson my favorite)

                                    FINISHED PROJECT

                                    medium discussed at first  class



                                    Make sure your reference is large enough to work from.

                                    Black & white medium contrast xerox copy, a must

Location: Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve
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