Monarchs and Milkweed - Beechwood

Category: Adults
7/11/20 10:00 am - 7/11/20 12:00 pm

This program discusses the critical importance of milkweed in Monarch habitat and food source. Participants will learn about the Monarchs conservation challenges and how they can help by planting milkweed in their own backyards.  We will also discuss the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, which is a long term study of the distribution, breeding and mortality rates of monarch butterflies as they have gone in steep decline.  Participants learn how this Citizen Science project engages people in observing and studying the milkweed habitat, and identify all life stages of the Monarch butterfly in the field.    The regular $6/member and $10/nonmember fee is waived due to generous funding provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Location: Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve



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