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Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania Membership

Our ability to maintain our nature reserves and provide opportunities to engage and learn about the natural world is made possible by our members and supporters who, like you, care deeply about the environment and want to take action to protect it. By becoming a Member, you can help us continue to provide our programs, projects, and places to the people of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Membership benefits include:

· 10% discount on Nature Store purchases and bird seed

· Discount on program fees

· Subscription to Bulletin newsletter

· Updates on important scientific, conservation, and legislative issues

· Advance notice of sales and events

· Invitations to members-only events

· 100% good feeling for supporting the birds and environment of our region

Membership Levels

We offer different membership levels to suit you.

$35 Individual.
Includes discount privileges for one person

$50 Family.
Includes discount privileges for donor, spouse and children

$100 Naturalist

$100 Club

$250 Ecologist

$500 Conservationist

$1000 Steward

If you are part of a garden club, school group, outdoor club, or other like-minded organization you can also take advantage of ASWP's diverse facilities and beautiful educational trails. A club membership allows your organization to support the educational mission of ASWP, while providing exciting and original experiences for group members.

Club Membership Benefits include:

  • Half-day free rental at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve
  • A 40-minute program provided by ASWP staff on the day of rental (Call for details)
  • $5.00 discount on new individual Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania memberships
  • A 10% discount coupon for the Audubon Nature Store at Beechwood Farms for each club member (Coupons are non-transferable and must be redeemed at time of purchase.)
  • 25 Copies of the quarterly public events flyer (sent to club's designated representative)
  • 1 copy of our quarterly newsletter, the Bulletin, which features nature-related information and updates about upcoming programs and events

For further information on club memberships email us or call (412) 963-6100.

ASWP is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 25-1324559.