Christmas Bird Count

2017 Christmas Bird Count Info

Everyone’s Welcome! We encourage people of all experience levels to participate. You don’t have to be an experienced birder! We hope that you will join us for the 2017 Christmas Bird Count!  As the nation’s long-running citizen science project, the Christmas Bird Count is one of the most important sources of information pertaining to the distribution and abundance of birds. Over the years, this information has been collected by birdwatchers just like you - people who band together to develop bird lists in the field, or individuals who count birds at their feeders.  We need you to help continue this tradition!

A team of leaders have been assembled to coordinate the various sections of the count.  If you are interested in participating, please select a location in which to participate. This may be your own neighborhood, or it may be the area where your favorite woodlot is located—then contact the leader for that area. The count days that include Audubon properties are (see below for specific count leaders):

South Butler (includes Succop Nature Park) – January 6

The Christmas Bird Count takes place in count circles that represent specific geographic areas—for example Fox Chapel or South Butler. There is a leader for each circle, allowing birders of all experience levels to join together, count together, and learn together. Homeowners within a count circle may also count birds that visit their backyard feeder. 

The leaders will provide you with instructions on where to meet, or how to participate.  If you prefer to watch your own bird feeders, please still contact the leader for your area so they are aware of your participation and can get you the appropriate materials.

The Pittsburgh Area Bird Count Leader is Brian Shema, Conservation Director, Audubon Societyof Western Pennsylvania. The count circles within the Pittsburgh count are led by:

  • The South Butler count is led by Chris Kubiak, Education Director, Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania: 412-963-6100.

Kids who are interested in being a part of the count have their own special event at Succop Nature Park on January 6.