Hays Nest

HAYS, PA BALD EAGLE NEST: First hatch 3/23/18; Fledge 6/11/18

First egg 2/13/2018, second egg 2/15/2018, third egg 2/19/2018; one egg broken 3/14/2018; last egg not viable 3/29/18

Mobile users: If the eagle cam will not auto stream on your phone or device, press the bottom left of the eagle camera window on your phone's touchscreen. This will start the stream, or you may have to press the "play" button that appears after you touch the screen (depending on your phone's browser).

The Hays webcam is a collaborative project between CSE and Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. This live video feed has been granted a Special Permit by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for educational purposes. The Game Commission’s mission is: To manage wild birds, wild mammals and their habitats for current and future generations. 

2018 Partners: