Field Trips to our Reserves

Bring your class to one of our reserves!

Most programs can accommodate up to 75 students at a time; you may also add on a Birds of Prey presentation to accommodate up to 150 students. Shorter field experiences can be combined with a Birds of Prey presentation to extend the day. All field experiences feature low student-to-leader ratios of less than 15 students per leader, or even lower for younger grades.

Outdoor Discovery Walks (Pre-K to Grade 6)
Walk the trails with our experienced guides looking for signs of life. We emphasize open-ended exploration and observation to find real examples of important natural science principles. Walks are punctuated with games and trail-side activities, all following an age-appropriate, standards-aligned theme. Offered throughout the school year.

  • Touch, Look, Listen (PreK-K) (60 to 90 minutes) - Explore nature with our ears, eyes, noses and hands
  • Fledglings Story Walk (Pre-K) (60 to 90 minutes) - A story and a walk on a seasonal topic such as chipmunks, frogs, leaves,  insects, etc. Group size limited.
  • Seasonal Discovery (K-6 grade) (90 minutes to 2 hours) - Search for the signs of the season. Option to focus on birds, insects, flowers or your topic.
  • Home Sweet Home (K-2 grade) (90 minutes to 2 hours) - Find animal homes…and occupants
  • Habitats (3-4 grade) (2 or 4 hours) - Find animals and identify their food, water and shelter. Four-hour version adds time for lunch, pond dipping and a large-group nature game to end the day.
  • Community (5-6 grade) (2 or 4 hours) - Study nature’s cycles of plants, animals and essential elements. Four-hour
    version adds time for lunch, pond dipping and a large-group nature game to end
    the day

In-depth Field Experiences (grades 4-12)

Hands-on studies using scientific data collection techniques in small groups of about 15 students per leader.

  • Watersheds (Grade 4-12) - Follow water from hilltop to wetland to pond and beyond. How healthy is our watershed? We will measure total rainfall, delineate wetlands and use
    macroinvertebrates to assess water quality. Option to use water quality chemistry kits for older students
  • Biodiversity (Grades 7-12) - Gather and apply diversity data using scientific field techniques. Modules
    available include indexing trees, estimating the deer herd and assessing water
    quality with macroinvertebrates.

Humans and the Environment (all grade levels)
Reveal new things about the world by studying humans’ relationships to nature.

  • Maple Sugaring (Pre-K to 12 grade) (90 minute to 2 hours) - Tour our maple forest to
    experience first-hand the science and history of making syrup. Features try-it-yourself experiences and a working syrup evaporator.
  • Pioneers in Nature (K-12 grade) (2 to 4 hours) - View the natural world through the eyes of a pioneer, using natural materials from the environment for food, clothing, shelter and entertainment.
  • Science of Survival (K-12 grade) (2 to 4 hours) - Study how to survive alone in the woods and get a new perspective on the outdoors—and yourself. Topics include fire-building, debris shelters, proper gear.

Additional Options

  • Bird of Prey Combo (PreK-12 grade) 0 Short field trips (1 to 2 hours) can be paired with a Birds of Prey presentation and a lunch break to make a full day.
  • Customize or Integrate - Do you have a particular topic you need addressed? Would you like to add supporting classroom activities? We can help!
  • Standards Alignment - Contact our education department for information on standards alignment for any of our programs.

Program fees per student:

60 minutes: $6
90 minutes: $7
2 hours: $8
4 hours: $10

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