Suggested Books

Suggested Books

Want to learn more about Native Plants?

We recommend the following books on native plants. Some speak specifically to use in landscaping while others are tools for general identification. The books listed here are available at the Audubon Nature Store located at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve. They're either in stock or we can order them for you. Many titles are available in the ACNP reference library.

Mountains of the Heart: A Natural History of the Appalachians by Scott Weidensaul

The Native Plant Primer by Carole Ottesen

Landscaping with Native Trees: The Northeast, Midwest, Midsouth, and Southeast Edition by Guy Sternburg and Jim Wilson

The Plants of Pennsylvania, an Illustrated Manual, by Ann Fowler Rhoads & Timothy A. Block. The definitive botanical guide to PA species, and the most accurate identification of native and non-native species

Wildflowers of Pennsylvania, by Mary Joy Haywood and Phyllis Testal Monk

Newcomb's Wildflower Guide by Lawrence Newcomb. A thorough field guide with an easy to use key system for identification