Native Plants

Looking to buy native plants?

The Native Plant Nursery is open for the season! Please call (412) 963-6100 or click here to confirm species availability.   

Plants are available for purchase from Tuesday-Sunday from 9 am - 5 pm at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve, 614 Dorseyville Road in Fox Chapel.

See the plants we expect to have available throughout the season: by common name or by scientific name.​

Why Garden with Native Plants?

Native plants are a critical component of a healthy ecosystem. They support pollinators and birds by providing food and shelter, help keep our waterways clean, and support healthy soil. Since native plants are adapted to local conditions, they are relatively easy to grow and do not require pesticides or fertilizers. Home gardeners can serve as important links to the increasingly fragmented wild lands that surround us. The compelling beauty of western Pennsylvania's diverse assortment of native plants can educate us as well as enrich our lives and landscapes. Gardening with native plants is one way to do your part in preserving our local environment.

Benefits of Native Plants

  • ​Provide years of beauty
  • Properly chosen, can flourish on any site
  • Attract and nourish native wildlife
  • Reduce the need for insecticides and chemical products
  • Add grace and informal charm

How Do I Know Which Plants to Use?

We’ve put together a variety of resources to help you choose the right plants. Visit our Native Plant Resources to learn more about specific plants and topics such as creating a deer-resistant garden, butterfly gardening, supporting monarchs with native milkweeds, and much more.

Additionally, our volunteers and staff are always willing to help you make native plant selections. Stop by the Audubon Center for Native Plants (ACNP) to browse our selection. You may purchase plants any time the store is open, but ACNP volunteers are usually working at the center on Tuesdays in season if you have specific questions.

Establishing a Native Meadow