Centennial Campaign Supporters

Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania thanks the supporters of its Centennial Campaign:

Individuals and Family Support

Acer Family

Barbara and Sheldon Adler

Mary and Scott Aiken

Xia Li and David Allerton

Ellen and Albert Amshel

Susan and Jeff Anderson

Thomas Anderson

Anonymous (28)

Mary Boyle and Tom Arnn

Elizabeth Arnold

Nancy and John Artz

Corinne and John Babson

Anne and Richard Baker

Nancy and Wilder Bancroft

Tingle and Richard Barnes

Rosann and David Barr

Wendy Keyes Bartley

Ruthanne and Jim Bauerle

Dotty and Nick Beckwith

Aimee Beggs

SallyAnn and Bill Bensur

 John Berckbickler

Ellen Garbuny and Don Best

Charles Bier

Jane and Albert Bittcher

Janet and Art Black

Franklin and Bonnie Blackstone

Diane Blanton and Michael Farabaugh

Anthony Bledsoe

Jean Bongiovanni

Leslie and Jim Bonner

Joy Borelli-Edwards and Elizabeth Kairys

Barbara Bott and Bob Jennings

Susan and Michael Boyle

Kathy and Jim Braham

Jill Brethauer and David Samuel

Carol Brickley

Ann and Paul Bridges

Janet Bronder

Marian Brown

Nancy Brownell

Anthony Bruno

Marilyn and Howard Bruschi

Kathryn and Michael Bryson

Amanda and Alexander Bulazel

Hilary Rose and Mark Burchfield

Carole King and Chip Burke

Betty and Lindy Butler

Elissa and John Butler

Shelley and Doug Campbell

Gloria and Donald Casey

Patty and Sean Casey

Carrie Casey and William Leemhuis

Robin and Steve Catt

Beth and Howie Choset

Erin and John Christoforetti

Janet Clever

Chris Covert

Thomas Covert

Bruce Crocker

Marian Crossman

Laurie and John Culbertson

Nellie Curran

Harold Deiss

Lynn and Chip Desmone

Kendra and Scott Detwiler

Jody and George Dimeling

Debby Dodds

Sandra and Raymond Dunlevy

Robin and David Durr

Barbara Egan

Donna Egbert

Denise and Richard Ejzak

Wendy and Phillip Elliott

Sharlene and Mark Emerson

Abbie and Howdy Emery

Ellen Philips and Bard Ermentrout

Mary and Henry Ewalt

Nancy and Dan Fales

Herbert Ferguson

Laura and Robert Ferris

Marsha and Robert Fidoten

Dale and Al Filstrup

Judith and Thomas Forbes

Sally and Donald Foster

Mary Anne Gailliot

Nancy and Ed Geilfuss

Sally Getty

Margaret and William Ghrist

Gail and Gil Gilliland

Ginny and Gil Glenn

The Gockley Family

Arlene and William Gordon

Ronald Riel and Thomas Gray

Jean and Tom Harbeck Family Foundation

Frances and Jim Hardie

Sharon and Hiller Hardie

Sally and Clay Hardon

Susanna Hegnes

Dale Hershey

David Hetherington

Karen and Alexander Hetherington

Rose Ann Hill

Natalie and William Hoffman

Beth and Ralph Hollis

Jane and Randall Holmes

Susan Hoppe and Michael Goodhart

Sara Horsman

Jean and William Houston

Bob Hovanec

Susan and Fred Huemmrich

Bettyanne and James Huntington

Gil and Frank Hurite

Celeste and Robert Janosko

Louise Jencik

Janis and Jonas Johnson

Lewis Johnson

Kate Rich and George Jugovic

Helen and Milton Justh

Daniel Kamin

Michael Kaminski

Betsy and Bob Kampmeinert

Jordan Karp

Patty and Bill Kemper

Diana Kibby

Ellen Kight and Steve Woods

Peggy and Max King

Donna and Robert Klaput

Lisa Krieg

Carroll and Jay Labarthe

Deb and Bob Ladley

Verna and David Laman

Janice Phillips Larrick

Nancy Lawry

Sharon and Steve Lee

Carrie Casey and William Leemhuis

Carol and David Lerberg

Lawrence Levine

JoAnne and Don Lightner

Loretta and Louis Lobes

Frederick Lochner

Paula Lockhart

Debra and  David Longhini

Jacqueline and Gerard Longo

Julie and L. Dade Lunsford

Sherron and Patrick Lynch

Ruth and Neil MacKay

Rhonda and Kerry Madden

Alfred Mann

Catherine Mann

Paul Mannheimer

Martha and Tom Franceschina

Marion and John Marty

William Martz

Helen Mathieson

Julie Maurer

Judith and Richard McCandless

Rosemary Hogan and Joanne McCloskey

Penny and Ted McConnell

Elizabeth McCoy and Brian Doubek

Robert McCoy

William McCrady

Norma and Lee McDonald

Janet McGuire

Suzy McIntosh

Jane McKean

Sybil and Kevin McKeegan

Janet McKinney

Alexandra McLaughlin

Virginia and Wymard McQuown

Jeremiah Mead

Ginny Merchant and Jim Brainard

Penny and Bill Meyer

Bette and Dennis Miller

Oscar Miller

Amy Succop Millin and Michael Gordon Millin

Fritz and Jim Mitnick

Thomas Moeller

Jane Moffet

Anne M. Molloy and Henry Posner

Charles Moorhead

Betty and Granger Morgan

Connie Morrison

Jan and Kevin Morrison

Barb and Dan Murphy

Mona and Tom Murphy

Jennifer and James Muse

Sara and Dennis Narcisi

Marlene and James Naughton

Donna and Robert Neff

Susan Creighton and Garry Nelson

Joan Newland

Kristine and Larry Niemann

Shelley and  Eric Nilson

Joan Novogradac

Nancy Noyes

John Oehrle

Fritz Okie

Shirley Olander

Lee O'Nan

Betsey Owens

Kate and Scott Parker

Susan Parker

Tony Parker

Nancy and Dean Patterson

Jeanne Perrier

Rita Perstac

Cece and Fred Peterson

Ruth Pollock

Leandra Pope

Gail and Thomas Prager

Louise Predis

Kathy and Gwilym Price

Jean Purvis

Catherine and David Ravella

Walter Reineman

Betty Rieley

Anne Ringham

Rebecca Ringham and Mike Myerburg

Lorrie and Philip Roberts

Stephanie Robinson

Sharon and Jim Rohr

Greta and Matthew Roming

Linda and Doug Roth

Armando Rotondi and Manny Cahouet-Rotondi

Judy Ruszkowski and Ken Regal

Alma Rutgers

Abby and Reid Ruttenberg

Jill and Ernie Ruzich

William Sadler

Ramona Sahni

Mary Salvucci

Carolyn and Scott Sanford

Theresa and Edwin Scheetz

Mikell and Bill Schenck

Jo Ann and Paul Schmitt

Joan and Clifford Schoff

Joli Schroeder

Sarah and Gus Schroeder

Cris and Alex Scott

Richard Scott

Elizabeth Seiders and Lyndall Huggler

Diana and Push Senan

Maureen Hogan and Dan Sentz

Susan and Donald Shamey

Ellen and David Shields

Gayle and William Simpson

Nellie Slagle

Karen and Tim Slevin

Susan and Dennis Slevin

Beth and C. Donald Smith

Bobbie and Keith Smith

Shannon and Ryan Smith

Sue and Jack Solomon

Beth and Jonathan Spatz

Naomi and Jason Sperry

Susan and Holly Sphar

Ellen and Carl Srodes

Sarah and Steve Stallings

Mary Margaret and Lloyd Stamy

Cathy and Tom Stanton

Claudia Starr

Patty H. Steffey

Rachel and Scot Stevens

Regina and David Stevenson

William Strome

Trisha Dalby and Harry Stump

James Succop

Jo Ann and Tom Succop

John C. Succop, Jr.

Megan and Jon Sweringen

Suzanne and William Switala

Sally and Robert Tarhi

Sam Taylor and Michael Henderson

Linda and Jay Thier

Carol Thomas

Mark Thomas

Suzanne and Stephen Thomas

James Thompson

Lynn Thompson

Amy Marie Tilley

Barbara Urban

Frances Urban

Dorothy and Jim Valimont

Hannah and Neil Van Horn

Linda Varga

Kenneth Vey

Dan Wagner

Maryellen Walter

Penny and Jeff Ward

Ann Watson

Comly and Edmond Watters

Francine Weber

Jane Wentling

Lois Wholey

Lhea and Tom Wiese

Mary Williams

Sidney Wolfson

Gail and John Wood

Sarah and Robert Woodings

Mr. and Mrs. Yoder

Robin and Michael Zacherl

Ron  Zampogna

Mary Ann and Ron Zdrojkowski

Paul Zibritosky

Mary Jane  and Bruce Ziegler


Organizational Support

Allegheny Foundation

Allegheny Regional Asset District

Altair Advisers

Anonymous (5)

Babcock Charitable Trust

Butler Garden Club

Butler-Freeport Community Trail Council

Church Brew Works Foundation

Clapp Charitable and Educational Trust

Clarke Family Foundation

Courtney Babcock Borntraeger Foundation

Dollar Bank Foundation

EQT Foundation

ESS Nextier Insurance

Fidelity Charitable

Fox Chapel District Association

Fox Chapel Garden Club

Greybrooke Garden Club

Guyasuta Garden Club

Heinz Family Foundation

Honda North

John R. McCune Charitable Trust

Johnson Family Foundation

Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation

Laurel Foundation

Longwood at Oakmont

Medure's Catering

Milton G. Hulme Charitable Foundation

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

PA Department of Community and Economic Development

Pashek Associates

Penn Township Commissioners

Piccadilly Herb Club

PNC Charitable Trust Committee

Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County

Richard King Mellon Foundation

Santa Fe Community Foundation

Shannon Wilson Charitable Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

Signal Mountain Communications Inc.

The Ahmanson Foundation

The Double Eagle Foundation

The Florence Boyer Foundation

The Garden Club of Allegheny County

The Heinz Endowments

The Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation

The Rockwell Foundation

The Sampson Foundation

The Sprout Fund

Town & Country Garden Club

UPMC Health Plan

Vanguard Charitable

West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund